High St (South) to Lawrence St

The council recently received National Stronger Regions Funding from the Federal Government to conduct works in the CBA, which will include the completion of works in High St, including landscaping. This would be from the water tower in High St to the area of the new works in Elgin Boulevard.

Proposed dates work will take place between September, 2018 and June, 2019 (these times are not indicative of the length of construction, which will be defined once the plans are finalised and contracts awarded).

Main features

  • Will remove dip in the road and improve drainage in the area
  • Includes repaving, new street lights, landscaping
  • Parking numbers to be similar to current
  • Most trees to be removed but to be replaced with advanced species
  • Intersection of High St and Stanley St to be improved
  • Improvements to the water tower roundabout being considered
  • Includes three wombat crossings at Sesame Lane, the post office (traffic lights will be removed) and Woodland Grove